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Get High-Quality Leads for Your High-Ticket Offer With Meta Ads

We guarantee the lowest cost-per-lead even with hundreds of leads monthly!

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Why DreamGrowth HQ?

We only work with health & fitness businesses which means we specialize in the best funnels and ad creatives that are guaranteed to work for your brand.


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Willing to work with any business.

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No idea of high-ticket funnels.

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Inaccurate funnel tracking.

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Brings in low-quality leads.

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Doesn't care about cost-per-lead.

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High ad spends without ROI or profit.

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Only works with health, wellness, and fitness brands.

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Specializes in high-ticket funnels on platforms like GoHighLevel & Click Funnels.

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Expert in full-funnel event tracking.

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Focuses on high-quality & highly-informed leads.

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Low cost-per-lead guaranteed or you don't pay.

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Revenue and ROI-focused, helping you scale.

You need this if you...

Are a health, wellness, and fitness brand with a high-ticket offer.

Want to scale your business with high number of quality leads at low cost.

Have dealt with advertising agencies/freelancers before and were unsatisfied with the results.

Struggle with event tracking and running ads effectively.

Need a 100% done-for-you lead-generation solution.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Our charges vary based on a number of factors. Usually, your investment should start from $1-2K/mo with a guarantee to achieve $20 cost per lead or less and 2x ROI or more.

Meta, formerly Facebook has the best advertising platform to date and allows you to advertise on both Facebook and Instagram. They’re super profitable, scalable, and can easily become your biggest source for lead-gen and sales.

We only work with health, wellness, and fitness brands and know which funnels and ads work to bring the best quality leads on scale. We also follow an ROI-focused approach, making sure you’re always in profit.

We specialize in providing high-quality and highly informed leads on scale while maintaining a low cost-per-lead and 2x or more ROI. But if you feel unsatisfied for any reason, you can cancel the service anytime.

Not much. We will take care of most of the things and keep you updated on a regular basis. You’ll just have to give input on creatives, results, and any queries that may arise.

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